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10/10/04 03:41 pm - rietermeier - Link to site

Here is a link to a great site with alot of larping resources including an online character generator.


10/6/04 06:38 pm - snowowl - Expresso Update Part II

I talked to Scrabble this evening. (I call him that because his name is spelled weird with Q, X, J...I wish I could use his name when playing Scrabble.) At first he seemed hesitant, but the more we talked about it the more interested he seemed to get, especially when I moved on from telling him we'd all buy drinks to we'd pay the barista.  He said he wasn't sure he could find somebody, and I mentioned that some of our members have been baristas before and he could interview them, etc. if he wished, but he didn't want to do that because hiring more people means higher taxes for him.

He said one of his main concerns is liability, and we assured him that we'd sign waivers and we understand his reservations but blahblahblah.  He seems open to the idea, though, and he said he's going to ask his employees if any of them would be willing to work that.  I think that we may actually have a shot at scoring the place.

Sarah told me she knew of at least one guy who might be willing to work the extra time.  I'm glad I got to talk to her because Wee Jin isn't there much these days and Sarah may help in spreading the idea to the employees there.  I'm going to stop by during different shifts and talk to the employees myself on a personal level to try to warm them up to the idea.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled programming...

10/6/04 08:20 am - snowowl - Psuedo Expresso Update

I went by Expresso News this morning, and although Wee Gin wasn't there, I talked to the manager-type person, Sarah.  She seemed really open to the idea and even said that she already knows of a guy who'd be willing to be the barista for us.  I asked if there was a time she knew Wee Gin would be there, but didn't know, just said I should be persistant about it and hopefully catch him.  She said when she saw him she'd tell him about our offer.

"Wee Gin is usually cool about stuff like this, so even though I can't give you an answer until you talk to him, I don't see any reason why he wouldn't go for it."

So, the good news is that Wee Gin may go for it.  The bad news is that we have to play tag in order to find him...

9/27/04 10:00 pm - sergeantbrother - PHOTOSHOOT & CHARACTER GEN

This Friday we will have our photoshoot and meeting to the generate characters. I am aiming at starting at 5 PM at the Dragon's Den. If you can't get there by 5 PM don't worry, we can start on character generation without you, just let me know if you plan on showing up late. We will also try to get some group photos so wear your best vampire clothing. If you can't make it let me know when you would like to work on your character and we can work something out.

- Corey

9/24/04 09:34 am - sergeantbrother - Scheduals

The time has come to start making plans for when we can actually play. I need everyone who is interested in playing (this means you, if you are reading this then please post) to tell me what nights of the week and weekend that they are busy so that I can plan a night to game.

In order to advance the plot and storyline I am developing, I need to know some of the character concepts that people plan on playing. In the near future (the weekend after this probably) we will need to have a character creation meeting. If you have ideas about the background of your character that you would care to share before that, please e-mail me at cy001@boone.net

We also need to reschedual a time for a our photoshoot. We should also do this the weekend after this.

- Corey

9/17/04 09:05 pm - sergeantbrother - STATE OF EMERGENCY

Watauga county is officially in a state of emergency. The rain is supposed to get worse tonight and there may be severe flooding - there already is some as well as roads out due to mud slides or fallen limbs. I'm affraid I'll have to call off the photoshoot for this evening.

- Corey

9/10/04 11:13 am - sergeantbrother

Well, we need to have our photoshoot sometime in the near future. Currently I'm looking at next weekend (17th - 19th). Sometime in the afternoon before the sun goes down.

Please let me know if this is a good time for you and if you and get a suitable outfit by then. If nobody has any other prefferences, I will say this saturday at 5 PM.

- Corey

9/10/04 06:32 pm - phantom_maiden - First unofficial game

As we all know its FUN to mess arround and critique your character...play arround with them outside of the set story line... so here is your first OFFICIAL... unofficial LARP/get to now you gathering...Hannah and I are planning to go over to greensboro to meet with another one of our vampyric bretheren.... tuesday night.... we'll leave @ 3:45 ish.... probably head back arround 9...10.... this could be a chance to take some preliminary pictures and get them up on the site.... though I doubt itll be the full blown photo shoot.... now Ive got a car... that can hold three more other than hannah and I.... this is a chance to get a little under the table LARPing out if you really really need it... (like hannah and I who are hard core junkies) give me a call if you are interested in coming along ( 1 828 719 9739)......there is a possibility of moving it to wednesday night if nesisary... just let me know.....Post for your availible times....


9/6/04 10:53 pm - sergeantbrother - Your Clan

OK, I was just curious how Boone might break down in terms of Clans. So, if you don't mind, tell us what Clan you'd like to play.

Or, if you plan of lying or keeping your Clan a secret in game, you can say what Clan you'll claim to be from. ;)

- Corey

9/6/04 11:57 am - phantom_maiden - Countdown to INSANITY

Hey guys....unfortunatly I am FLORIDA bound in a little over 2 weeks....my last day at my job is the 17th.... and I leave the 24th early in the morning... so for 5 blissful days I WILL BE DOING NOTHING...Im going nuts......and Ill be In BOONE.......if ANY OF YOU have even the SLIGHTEST urge to do anything vampiric...or want to get together to do a LARP completly unrelated to the one you guys are carefully planning.. PLEASE feel free to Email me.... ashleys333@hotmail.com or give me a ring on my cell.. (828) 719-9739 come on.. I wont bite... THAT hard.. *evil grin*


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