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First unofficial game

As we all know its FUN to mess arround and critique your arround with them outside of the set story line... so here is your first OFFICIAL... unofficial LARP/get to now you gathering...Hannah and I are planning to go over to greensboro to meet with another one of our vampyric bretheren.... tuesday night.... we'll leave @ 3:45 ish.... probably head back arround 9...10.... this could be a chance to take some preliminary pictures and get them up on the site.... though I doubt itll be the full blown photo shoot.... now Ive got a car... that can hold three more other than hannah and I.... this is a chance to get a little under the table LARPing out if you really really need it... (like hannah and I who are hard core junkies) give me a call if you are interested in coming along ( 1 828 719 9739)......there is a possibility of moving it to wednesday night if nesisary... just let me know.....Post for your availible times....

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