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8/31/04 07:46 pm - phantom_maiden - ours...

Im a big believer in doing things OUR way... so I think that if we want to change some thing up abit... thats possible.... the beauty of the LARP is taking our imaginations and making them reality... the rules are bendable to quote the Captain...
"the code....its more of a guideline"

by all means let us make this LARP ours.....


8/29/04 10:36 pm - sergeantbrother - Okay, work it -- that's right, yeah...Love the camera...

We have been discussing having a photo shoot for the LARP players and making a flyer based on that picture. Basically getting as many of us together as we can in our best Vampire clothing to inspire other possible players.

The earliest it looks like people can get together is sometime after next week. If you would like to pose, please comment!

If anybody has any other good ideas for PR let me know that too.

- Corey

8/29/04 07:46 pm - phantom_maiden - ... THEY DO EXIST!!!!!!

Hello everyone I would be the one that our deviant lesbian told you all about... * curtsys softly* my name is ashley and Ive been wanting to get a nice little murder of vampires together for quite a while now... so yes.... Id love to help with any aspect of the LARP... just let me know...


8/29/04 04:09 am - lair_of_fenrir

I'll be keeping an eye on the community here. Never LARPed before.

8/27/04 12:28 pm - misako_kinto - Outfits

So since it is kinda hard to get people for this so far I am guessing when we get started would be kinda fall/early winter maybe?? Just trying to figure out when I will have time to make outfit for it. :-P

8/26/04 06:44 pm - sergeantbrother - Vampire Fangs


8/25/04 01:53 pm - misako_kinto

Yay LARP!!

8/25/04 11:58 am - sergeantbrother

At this stage in the game, I am still looking for possible players who are willing to play in a LARP in Boone. I am also trying to think of a good location to play.

If you are interested in playing, it would be great if you would join this LJ group or at least make a post and say your name and your gaming interests

- Corey
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